Explore this page of resources that Bob and I have collected over our careers. We have separated them into groups for easy browsing.

These lists will include books, websites, videos, and other podcasts that we hope will provide inspiration for you as a teacher and/or parent. Feel free to suggest additional resources that have worked for you, or if our suggested resources have been useful.

Ps.  Please keep in mind that recommending resources does not necessarily mean that we are in full support of any political affiliations, religious views, or other questionable viewpoints. We simply find value in using them for either educational support or discussion.


  • Podcast History of Our World  – An excellent podcast discussing various history topics. The podcaster starts all the way back from the beginning and moves forward to the present day.
  • Philosophize This! – For those of you philosophy nuts out there, this one is for you. The presenter, Steven West, does a great job making philosophy fun and interesting. A must listen.
  • The Jordan Peterson Podcast – Where to begin? Dr. Peterson popped into the public eye not too long ago. While some may argue his viewpoints are controversial, he is clear and concise with his words and is able to strongly put together an argument. Recommended for those who wish to cultivate dialectic discussion skills and develop and execute arguments.
  • Stuff You Should Know – This one is for stuff you should know. No kidding.
  • Ted Talks Daily – Ted Talks are well known, and for good reasons: various topics presented concisely. If you want to be in the loop on issues facing society, have a listen.
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class – A great history podcast for those of you who might have slept through class (how dare you!).
  • GaryVee Audio Experience – A great motivator for those days when you just do not want to get out of bed. This podcast will help you push yourself.


  • Leverage Leadership  – Bambrick Santoyo
  • Mindset – Dr. Carol Dwe
  • Teach Like a Champion 2.0 – Doug Lemov
  • Human Learning – Jeanne Ellis Ormrod
  • Philosophical Foundations in Education  – Howard Ozman
  • Word Power Made Easy – Norman Lewis
  • Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman
  • Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman


  • Sporcle – “Mentally stimulating diversions”. Well said. We love our trivia at Cheers to Education, so we hope you do too! This website has endless quizzes for students, teachers, and all other trivia lovers. Enjoy.
  • – This is pure brilliance. If your school promotes tech use in the classroom, you can ask students to bring their tablets or phones to class and use them as a buzzer for cloud-based trivia. Scores can be recorded and saved. An absolutely wonderful way to get ALL students involved.
  • WolframAlpha – Computations (for us non-math savvy educators)
  • EBSCOhost – A great source for academic research which usually requires a membership.
  • Khan Academy – Free online study materials for teachers, parents, and students.
  • Researcher – We use this app for grad school. Great place to search for journal articles across a variety of subjects. Some journals have free access, some do not. Have a look. It’s worth it.
  • Udemy – A hot new source for learning new things. This video-based e-learning platform provides everyone with the chance to tackle new topics at relatively cheap prices. (We really liked the Ninja writing course).
  • Blinkist – Zak uses this one every day. Condensed books called “blinks” are short 15 minute reads summarizing a large collection of books. A great way to read on-the-go.
  • Evernote– Great for storing notes, recordings, and other important information. You can also take pictures and organize them with your notes. Recommended.
  • TED – Enough said about T.E.D.
  • Coursera – This website allows you to enroll in E-learning courses provided by various universities in the States and International. While most courses are free to audit, there is a fee if you would like a certificate.
  • iTunesU – Want to learn how to do something for free? Check out this one.
  • GoogleDocs, Sheets, Drive, Keep – Cloud-based office products for free. Very useful.
  • AudioMemo (apple) – Just what it sounds like.
  • Quizlet – A must-have for teachers, students, and parents. Create quizzes and flashcards to support learning.
  • Duolingo – Want to learn a language but do not know where to begin? Try this one.
  • Guttenberg Books – Free books!
  • Dropbox – Use this one for saving docs in the magical cloud and accessing them anytime, anywhere.