Podcast 1 – Introduction to Cheers to Education


Welcome to the Cheers to Education Podcast! Bob and I can explain ourselves a bit better in the intro so have a listen. If you would rather read about us, we can give you the CliffsNotes here.

As a parent, teacher, or administrator, we are sure that there are always some ideas or topics that are difficult to discuss. We take the approach of bridging the gap between these three different groups (who also share three different viewpoints on education). So here we will discuss educational topics that are important to each of these three groups in what will prove to be a very boring podcast.

Just kidding. We will be drinking. As teachers, we want to put to bed the idea that its impossible to discuss education without it being dull and dry. So go ahead, just pretend you are sitting around like old pals discussing education. We hope as time goes on, teachers, parents, and administrators will become involved and discuss some topics that they usually wouldn’t.

So sit back, enjoy, and keep an open mind. Why not have a laugh while Bob and I go from amateur podcasters to slightly better amateur podcasters? Also, feel free to contact us when we are wrong or when you have an idea you’d like to discuss or share. We look forward to it.

Bob and Zak